The church is a family. It's a family that is open to everyone, everywhere. The church is a family that isn't defined by gender, nationality, political affiliations, academic credentials, economic resources or geographic boundaries. The church is defined by one thing - our relationship to Jesus. If you are interested in Jesus at all the church is for you! If you are in relationship with Jesus you are the church - you've been adopted into God's family as a son or daughter and you are a part of the family of God.

When we gather together we do so as a family. We pray, sing, give, learn and share together in God's goodness.


Sunday @ 9:00 AM & 11:00 AM - meeting in-person and Livestream


Service at 9:00 AM lasts around 90 minutes, and our 11:00 AM service is more traditional lasting about an hour. You will find an informal, welcoming crowd and atmosphere. We are a very diverse congregation, with members of all backgrounds. Some have no church background, while others come from several different denominations. Regardless of your upbringing or season in life, you are welcomed!

We primarily teach through books of the Bible and always remain rooted in the scriptures. The music is primarily led by an acoustic band and is often a mixture of hymns (original and re:tuned) and modern worship songs. Out Traditional Service is usually a little shorter in length and mostly uses hymns and liturgy.


We believe that the parents are called to be the primary spiritual leaders of their children and so we strive to equip and support them in any way we can. Parents are free to bring their children into gathered worship at any of our services. Our 9:00 AM service on Sundays offers Estrella Kids - a safe, Bible-centered, fun environment for children to learn and worship.

Service Times
In-Person and Livestream
9:00am Sunday 9:00 am Sunday
11:00am Sunday 11:00 am Sunday
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