We are better together than we are by ourselves! This simply, but fundamental truth about God's design of humanity makes being a part of spiritual community essential to the life of a follower of Christ.

Gospel Communities are groups of people committed to living out the reality of the gospel as individuals AND as a spiritual family. It is an opportunity to share life with others who are in the life of Christ.

What A GOSPEL Community GROUP Isn’t:

  • A Book Club—centered on “your doctrine” or curriculum or even the Bible.
  • A Social Club—centered on “your connections” or your relational need.
  • A Counseling Group—centered on “your therapy needs.”
  • A Social Service Group—centered on “your good deeds.”
  • A Neighborhood Association—centered on “your neighborhood and geography.”
  • An Affinity Group—centered on “your stage of life or preferences.”
  • An Event or Meeting—centered on a convenient time-slot.


  • Shared Life in the Gospel - We want to let the gospel shape every aspect of our lives and learn to see Jesus as the hero of every story. In the gospel we find the power of God to set us free from lives of sin and selfishness and be transformed by the grace of God.
  • Shared Leadership - No one individual has all the abilities or spiritual giftings needed to lead. In community the diversity of the members provides the necessary leadership.
  • Shared Mission - We are the "sent people of God". Each Gospel Community chooses to engage in intentional mission to declare and display the gospel together.

For more information about joining a Gospel Community please contact Jenna Schutten at or call her at the church at (623) 386-0300.