Sunday Worship at 9am & 11am

Our Values


We believe that every person has value because they have been made in the Imago Dei - the image of God. When we come to faith in Jesus we are accepted and adopted into the family of God. We long to see everyone discover who they are made to be by God and live out their identity as God's sons/daughters. 


We believe that because we've been adopted by Jesus as God's sons/daughters that we are now family - brothers and sisters in Christ.  This is exactly how God designed humanity to function - in intimate, interdependent relationships. Since we've been made by God this way, we will never be who God made us to be or do what God designed us to do by ourselves. We are always better together than we are by ourselves.


We believe that humility is the starting point of the gospel. Jesus came to rescue us from our sin and the death and brokenness that is the fruit of sin. Jesus also came to show us what a true imager of God looks like. When we put our faith and allegiance in Jesus we not only trust that he will forgive us but believe that He can show us how to live as the imagers that God has made us to be. To be an apprentice of Jesus is to want to know what He knows so that we can love like He loves and live like He lives. 


We believe that Jesus is King over all of creation and that His invitation to be a part of God's Kingdom is meant to be offered to everyone, everywhere. Jesus is sending us, as His ambassadors to bring His invitation to His world. We long to demonstrate the beauty and power of the good news of Jesus in both word and deed in the "normal traffic patterns" of our lives.

For more information on our understanding of the gospel and our values check out these resources.